How to set up alarm push notifications on Android?

Nova Pro is a wireless alarm system that protects against intrusions, fires, and floods, and also enables users to control electrical appliances directly from a mobile app. The system responds immediately to threats informing you and the security company about all incidents.

NovaPro now supports professional CMS connectivity

How does CMS work to secure the premises?

This function allows you to have an access to Central Monitor Station in the event that the system is triggered, hence, the security company can organize monitoring the facility. More protections, more secure.

What’s more, with this function, it can help you to make continuous profit as usually this service is paid monthly by end users.

NovaPro 4G/LTE Version is released

Why do I need 4G/LTE?

1. In the event of network failure or power failure, the SIM card will start to work to provide internet connect to the alarm system with backup battery. More secure, more protection.
2. To provide users with longer alarm system lifespan, Dinsafer is launching its 4G LTE alarm systems which are both 2G&3G&4G Network Compatible.

NovaPro proudly introduces Bluetooth Fast Pairing to optimize user experience

Nowadays, connecting a wireless device to the WiFi, especially if it relies on an APP to  do so, can be very confusing and become a nuisance even. With Bluetooth Fast Paring, things can be very straightforward.

5 Tips on installation of PIR motion sensors

If you are a pet-owner, when considering home alarm system, you will commonly be advised to buy IR motion sensors with a pet-immune feature, which in theory is designed to detect intrusions while avoiding false alarms triggered by pets, such as dogs or cats that are less 20kgs in weight. 

However in reality, to truly minimize the occurrence  of such false alarms, there are some tips we think you ought to know when install pet-immune PIR sensors. 

“Ready to Arm” - a gentle reminder of the state of the window/door contact sensor

“Ready to Arm” is a smart feature embedded in our window/door contact sensor that enables the system to detect and report (if applicable) the state of window/door contact when arming the premises. If any window/door contact is in open state when the system is set to arm the premises, a notification from the APP will be sent to the user indicating the state of that window/door contact and requesting the confirmation of the execution of “arm” command.

Utter protection over signal communication and data in place to ensure the integrity of you home security system

On March 25, 2019, a security vulnerability from the product of  a world well-known security manufacturer was reported. According to the report, due to its unencrypted signal communication and predictability of rolling codes, it is highly possible that the signal of the remote control can be desynchronized, thus it poses significant risks to the integrity of the whole system. In the event of  this alarming fact, we would like to reassure you the security of our system is utterly protected by sharing the following information. 

A bit bothered with changing batteries for outdoor sirens?

It is quite common for us to see that people can get a bit annoyed about changing their outdoor siren’s batteries  every a few months. And after a couple times, they’d rather stop changing. This means the money spent would go to waste, wouldn’t it? 

Now we have come up with a solution to solve this dilemma. After a few months of development and testing, the revolutionary next-gen  outdoor siren with its distinctive design and impressive features is now ready for the market.

GDPR, we comply

To ensure that all the services provided by our clients follow the latest EU laws, we are here to help review all applications and services developed originally by Dinsafer Innovation for the consistency with General Data Protection Regulation.

This indicates we check for all private information (such as: E-Mail, IP-Address, Address, Telephone, photo, general biometric data, …) and the method of utilization and storage to be conform with law, by answering the following questions in subjects of Base Station, App and Cloud/Server.

My Nova adapts iOS Critical Alerts to enhance your home security

What is Critical Alerts?

It is a function designed by Apple to keep users informed with timely content that requires immediate actions by displaying messages and accepting users’ actions, or playing distinctive sounds, or updating the badge on your app icon. This type of alerts are improvements to rich notifications help you create more engaging content and better manage notifications. 

1 second to respond

As we all may have experienced, “No Response” of either a mobile application or an electronic system can be very annoying and sometimes frustrating. Being a Dinsafer, we take our customers experience very seriously. That’s why our R&D team has spent a significant amount of resources to try to tackle this issue. 

Frustrated in OEM project translation? With Dinsafer, you don’t have to

As a manufacturer, we heard of lots of complaints about how frustrating the translation process can be. Especially, if your business covers multiple countries, the translation work load involved in an OEM project can be  very time-consuming  and stressful. Luckily,  our clients never have to experience this torment.

Nova Pro is now on Apple Watch.

After a few months of research and coding, our R&D team has prepared a couple of gadgets for our iOS customers. 

If you have an Apple watch, Nova Pro app (iOS version) will allow you to manage your home alarm system via the watch from now on. In case of emergency, a quick click on your watch will help you sending SOS to emergency  contacts.

Having issues with Android Pie OS when connecting to Nova panel?

If you have upgraded your phone’s operating system to Android 9.0 version ( also called Pie), you might notice some intermittent problems with your internet connection. This update is also what might cause the issue when you try to setup your Nova Hub on an Android Pie phone. 

Fortunately, solving this problem is easy. 

Having issues with receiving notifications from the APP?

If you have difficulties receiving our APP notifications, this may be caused by settings of the APP or your mobile phone in the most common cases,. To solve this problem, please make sure you’ve configured the app and the phone following the instructions enclosed here.