What is “Ready to Arm”?

“Ready to Arm” is a smart feature embedded in our window/door contact sensor that enables the system to detect and report (if applicable) the state of window/door contact when arming the premises. If any window/door contact is in open state when the system is set to arm the premises, a notification from the APP will be sent to the user indicating the state of that window/door contact and requesting the confirmation of the execution of “arm” command.

How to enable “Ready to Arm” feature in Nova Pro?

1. Open“Nova Pro” APP on your phone, and go to “System Settings” from the main page. 

2. Scroll the screen down and find “Advanced Settings”.

3. Tap “Ready to Arm” and make sure the feature is enabled as indicated below.

Note: “Ready to Arm” feature is currently available on our new window/door contact sensors (model No. DWCA4), to order or request more information, please contact: web@dinsafe.com.