Firmware for Dinsafer Air

Released on 24th, Oct, 2016. Get it now!

All firmware we released here could only work with the main panel shipped after Nov, 2015.

Latest Updated:
  • – [Fixed] Some menu error issues.
  • – [Fixed] Siren occasionally unstable ussie.
Recently Updated:
  • – [Updated] Remove the pressing sound of the main panel touch buttons.
  • – [Updated] Now Entry Delay can work in Home Delay mode.
  • – [Updated] Main panel LED blinks strategy.
  • – [Updated] Emergency Contacts can only receive emergency SMS or Calls now.
  • – [Fixed] Solved the flashing LOGO LED issue.
  • – [Fixed] Solved some SMS message issues when using Arabic characters.
  • – [Fixed] Now [Ready to ARM] feature, can work with up to 99 door/window contacts.
  • – [New] Support more accessories like CO Sensors.
  • – [New] The smart plug can support more new [Follow Me] feature like Timer, System Events, Accessory Events, Main Panel Temperature.

Alarm Setting Tool (PC Client)   ——   Manual      Windows Version

PC tool for managing the main panel.

Released on 16th, Mar, 2017.


Latest Updated:
  • – [New Feature] Support RFID card.

Firmware Update Tool (PC Client)   ——   Manual      Windows Version

Released on 20th, Oct, 2016.

PC tool for updating the firmware.

Latest Updated:
  • – [New] When updating firmware, MUT will check the hardware version to avoid some unexpected issues.