What is required for me to use a Nova ™ system?

The Nova ™ alarm system communicates over the Internet and it is therefore necessary that you have the following to use the system: An Internet router with 2.4GHz WiFi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g standard, an active internet subscription and an iPhone® with iOS® 7.0 or later or an Android ™ smartphone with Android ™ 4.3 or later.

The distance between the panel and the wireless sensors?

The distance between the Nova ™ panel and the wireless sensors will be at least 180 meters in open area. This distance may in some cases be shorter, for example, if there are very chew walls between the panel and the accessories.

How many accessories can be connected to the Nova ™ system?

It is possible to connect up to 99 sensors / devices to the Nova ™ system.

Should the wireless keypad  have a constant power supply?

No. The Nova ™ wireless keypad  is 100% wireless and runs on battery. The wireless keypad  has a built-in battery that charges with the included charger. A fully charged wireless keypad  will work for approx. 6 months at average 10 activations a day before recharging. It takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge the wireless keypad .

What area does the motion sensor cover?

The Nova ™ motion sensor covers a fairly large area. It is able to register passers by approx. 8-9 meters in front of the sensor. The sensor’s infrared field of view is shot at a 110 ° angle, so the sensor is advantageously mounted in a corner of the room.

I have forgotten my password?

Touch ‘Forgot your password?’ Enter your username in the field ‘Username’ and press ‘Next’. You will then receive an SMS with a 6-digit Verification code. Note that the code is sent as SMS from server, so you receive the SMS regardless of whether an SMS card has been inserted in the Panel. If you do not enter the code within these 30 seconds, just press ‘<Back’ and then again ‘Next’ and you will receive a new verification code. Enter the 6-digit verification code in the ‘Verification code’ field. Then enter new password in the field below ‘Create a new password.’ Enter your new password in the ‘Confirm password’ field.

Why is my wireless keypad  constantly flashing in 3 colors?

This usually occurs because the panel has not been paired with wireless keypad successfully. You can pair it with the panel by easily RESTART keypad by power button if it was on accessory list of App already;

If there haven’t the wireless keypad on accessory list of App, please scan the QR-code to pair it again.

Does the alarm work on power failure?

Yes, the Panel has built-in rechargeable backup battery that is constantly standing and charging / unloading. Depending on how much power is charged or discharged, back-up power is guaranteed for 5-8 hours. You will receive a notification on your phone when the panel changes power source. If you have inserted an SMS card in the panel, you can also receive the information as SMS. The backup battery feature not only ensures that your home is alarm protected by power failure, but you are also informed if the power in the home is running and you can prevent it from being possible. derived damage, rescue frosts etc.