• DinsafeR ® NOVA PRO- WIFI+LAN+GSM Alarm System

    DinsafeR Smart WIFI Alarm System

    CPU Freescale ARM Cortex-A7
    Frequency 528MHz
    Memory 512MB LVDDR3
    Flash 8GB eMMC
    Working Humidity <=90%
    Working Temperature (-20- 60)℃
    Wireless Range 433.92MHz RF Distance 500m without obstacle

    WI-FI 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11b/g/n, range 50m

    Cellular GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz, for global GSM carriers
    Shell Material ABS/PC
    Battery The Lithium Polymer battery, rechargeable, replaceable, with wired connector. 2600mAh
    Stand-by Time 12 hours
    Build-in Siren dB 100db@30cm, can be muted by App
    Power IN DC 5V2A
    Installing Desktop & Wall.
    Operation Interface App (iOS & Android)
    Web Client
    Accessories like wireless keypad or remote controller, etc.
    Maximum Accessories Unlimited
    Accessories Supported Type Official wireless accessories.
    No wired sensor allowed.
    Smart accessories, like Smart Cameras & Smart Plugs
    Pre-paired before Shipping Supported



    Key Features
    Accessory Pairing Supported, by scanning the QR Code.
    Easy Networking Settings Launch App, according to the guiding, by pressing down the quick config button in the battery cover and follow the instruction in app to do quick networking settings.
    Supported Networking LAN/WIFI, DHCP or Manual IP, only IPV4, no IPV6.
    GSM Supported Standard SIM card (Mini Sim Card, 2FF)
    Tamper Alarm Supported.
    Show Arming Status Supported.
    Show System Status In App, there is a real-time status bar indicated.
    Device Password Supported. Set and modified by App. Also used by keypad verification.
    Adjustable Siren Time Set by App, default in 1 min.
    Promo Tone Indicating The event listed below would send promo tone. (including, not all)

    • Unexpected error
    • Entry Delay
    • Exit Delay
    • Arm status changes
    • Low battery
    Arming Operations By App/remote control: ARM, DISARM, HOME ARM, SOS

    By Keypad: ARM, DISARM, HOME ARM

    By some accessories: Tamper Alarm

    Entry Delay Support, default in 30 sec, users choose which accessories involved.
    Exit Delay Support, default is 30 sec safe time.
    Push Notification


    GSM Notification Supported

    Notification Type:

    • System messages: like low battery, Unplug power supply, etc.
    • Status messages: like arm/disarm/Home arm.
    • Alarm messages: like SOS, Tamper Alarm, etc.


    • App Users
      • PUSH messages, default ON, can be turn OFF in App.
      • SMS notification, default OFF, is optional
    • Other Contacts
      • SMS notification only, default OFF, can be turn ON in App.

    Users would be allowed to stop alarm by tapping in push notification pop-up window.

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